Knowing Everything and Knowing Nothing - Happy Facebook Earth

I remember it was not too long ago when scientists first started learning what was in dirt.  I thought to myself, how long have we had microscopes and we didn't know what little things were crawling around in dirt?
Another curious fact.  California, supposedly one of the most progressive states environmentally and certainly one of the most beautiful, lets sewage flow untreated into the Pacific Ocean.  So California heavily regulates the air that works its way through car engines, but lets its swimmers play in contaminated water.

Somehow these things bring us to Facebook and the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day.  Some people say that Facebook might be a threat.  Some say that owning our information will be a boon to business.

As we all know there are some big corporations in the world that have been pretty good at threatening our existence and who threaten the health of the planet that we call home.  Some say that big government is a threat.  There are a lot of threats to chose from.

In my own case on this Earth Day, I am going to try to focus on where my food comes from and who I choose to get it from and how much I consume.  I am not much of a multi-tasker, but maybe this place, Earth would benefit from a simpler approach to threats and our brief existence in this sphere.

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