Co-Working Conceptual

Tired of the cubicle life?  I was waiting for the Bolt Bus, talking with someone attractive from Canada on her way to Paris via NYC.  It is a faded memory, but I was trying to talk her into returning to Baltimore to start her job hunt.  Since I had nothing to offer her, I was at a loss as to what to say.  Also, she was much more connected and turned in that some new graduates.

But a beatnik-looking, young fellow next to us jumped into the conversation.  He was on his way to Brazil, via NYC.  He did neuro stuff and had given up that 9-5 job stuff a long time ago.  No more cubicles.  No more employer schedules.  He was living the good life, not just working it.

Which brings me to Beehive Baltimore.  Over the winter, I went along with the Baltimore tech crew to Philly's IndyHall on a sunny day and jealousy crept in. (see attached pic)  But now BB is making a move to larger quarters at ETC Canton, yeeha!

That Philly trip was the last time that we saw Patti C, except for Ignite Baltimore and on Twitter, before she moved to SF.  Gotta stop the tech brain drain.  Now about that Beta Lab.  Save that for next time.

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