High Speed Fiber & Baltimore's Future

A small group of dedicated volunteers lead by Dave Troy and Tom Loveland (Baltimore Google Czar) put together a gorgeous proposal to convince Google to come to Baltimore.

A list of those volunteers can be found on the website: 

Look in the lower right hand corner under Baltimore community (site credits).  It is a great group of people.

A few of those volunteers gathered at the Greater Baltimore Committee's meeting at the University of Baltimore to hear what comes next in Baltimore's quest to bring high speed broadband to the community.

Two Mayor's, one from Layette, Louisiana and the other from Fort Wayne, Indiana detailed their cities successes with high speed Internet.  Based on their assessments of the economic benefits and the investments required, it is pretty clear that Baltimore can and should pursue this path to future innovation and growth.

Whether Google Fiber comes to Baltimore or not, the tech community, the state of Maryland, the city of Baltimore, its universities, businesses and organizations seem to be united in achieving that goal.

I haven't conducted a poll of members, but I believe that the volunteers that served BmoreFiber will stand behind that effort.  After all, we all live and work here and in the end this is a quality of life issue that everyone can benefit from.

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