4 cents for your thoughts

People pay taxes for services and for infrastructure.  Government provides services that businesses do not provide.  Businesses sell liquids in bottles, mostly plastic.  Billions of plastic bottles.  Baltimore City government and volunteer citizens pick up plastic bottles on a regular basis to try to keep the city clean.

Millions of dollars are spent to make Baltimore look good,  to make people want to live here and raise their families.

In business, when taxes go up to pay for government services, those costs are passed along to the customers.  If customers are willing to spend $1-$2 for a bottle of water, why wouldn't that same customer pay 4 cents to have a cleaner city?  If the city isn't clean, if the Inner Harbor isn't clean, no one will be buying any bottles at any price, because the customers will decide to live where it is clean. There is a direct link between how clean Baltimore is and whether businesses and citizens want to work and live here.  Is 4 cents a bottle too much to pay?

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